Best Rugby Boots for 2020

Best Rugby Boots for 2020


What are the Best Rugby Boots this year

Rugby as we all know is a physical sport. Players do not wear helmets or pads and they are required to be in a good physical condition throughout the playing season, because the game demands strength and a lot of running. But many love playing the sport because it is very fun ,challenging and physical.

This famous English sport is played by two teams with up to 15 players each. Each of the team carries, passes or kicks the ball to the goal to score as much point as possible. One game is consists of two halves of 40 minutes with about 10 minutes break in between. The game itself has no time outs except for special circumstances like when a player becomes injured.

Since the sport required not much equipment or gear, players or those who are interested to play the sport invest heavily on shoes. Rugby requires a lot of running on a long period of time so a good pair of rugby boots is necessary.

But choosing the best pair of rugby boots may depend on factors such as the player’s position and the type of game. It is not about how expensive the shoes are. It is about how well it is going to perform in the field.

A total understanding of the sport is needed to determine which is the best pair of shoes for you.

Features to consider in Good Rugby Boots

Before finally purchasing a pair of rugby boots, you have to determine what position you are going to play in the game. Remember that rugby boots have differences in designs to fit a player’s position. Other factors to consider are as follows.

Sizing and Fit

Rugby requires a lot of running and tackling and as a player, you must have comfortable boots with the right size and fit. But it is also important to note that different manufacturers have different sizing chart so you have to check carefully. A pair that is small may cause discomfort and worse, pain after a tough game and a pair that is too large may affect your speed and overall performance.


The materials will depend on the preference of the player and what they think will be the most comfortable for them. Usually, rugby boots are made of synthetic materials or leather. Leather is the most durable but hard to maintain because of factors such as weather while synthetic ones are water-resistant and more affordable but generally less durable. Most players prefer the synthetic ones.


Rugby boots have different cuts for many players to choose from. Players usually decide based on their position but ultimately, comfort is one of the main factors when choosing a style of rugby boots. The style generally ranges from low-cut, mid-cut, and high-cut. Low-cut is best for running. The mid-cut ones are best for support and stability. The high-cut gives good grip, support, and balance which are good for defensive players.

Boot type

This is generally divided into four: soft ground, firm ground, artificial grass, and hard ground.

The soft ground boots are designed from soft or muddy fields. Most soft ground boots have detachable studs to allow players to adjust their length based on the field’s conditions.

The firm ground boots are the most common type of boots as players can use them on various field types and is also good for all positions. These booths have about 10 to 14 studs on the outsole and have a more firm grip that the soft type.

The artificial grass boots are made especially for fields made of artificial grass for better grip, speed, and agility function. According to experts, some boots can cause injury to players if they are on the artificial grass field so it is better to use shoes specifically made for them. These shoes are similar to the firm ground cleats but they have more studs on the outsole. These shoes are very durable.

The hard ground boots are made to be used for hard surfaces and turf fields. They have fine rubber studs that are placed across the outsole for stronger traction in the field. These type of rugby boots are designed and somewhat look like normal athletic shoes.

Since rugby has different playing fields, each type of shoes differ and should be carefully selected. It may cause you injury as players if you select a wrong pair for a selected field or if your position in the sport requires you to do more. Rugby can be complicated even if it is a fun and challenging sport. The boots, being its main equipment, should be given enough priority.


Here, it is again important to emphasize how active and intense a game of rugby can get and it is easy for players to get carried away. It is easy for most players, especially those who have their eyes on the goal, to disregard pain and even injuries for victory. However, these factors can greatly affect the next game’s performance.

Brands today highlight comfort as one of the best features of their product and it is actually a good thing. If you can find a pair that performs, has great design, and offers ultimately comfortability, then you are very lucky.


Rugby boots are often expensive because not all sports brands produce it and there are a lot of things that go with its production — think of technologies use, the position of cleats, and design that is both durable and comfortable. It is important to work on a budget first before actually purchasing one.

The good news today is that some well-known brands are producing quality rugby boots at a great price point. This is a good thing especially for those who are starting with the sport because they can have the option to try without investing much. For more seasoned players, however, who are required to be in the playing field every day, a durable, high-quality pair is more necessary, even with higher price point.


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