Rugby v Soccer ? What Happens If You Spray Paint Football Boots?


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Today I'm going to talk about ID hacks for your boots that's ways to customize them so you know they're yours other people know they're yours and we're going to do it just like the pros we're also going to do some real budget ways of doing it so that means that any of you can do it I'm going to talk you through all the different variations in this video alright so if you've been playing your game you've been wearing a pair like this nobody else in the team has a red pair of boots then you know you're they are yours but what if you've just got yourself the new Predator so you turn up to your game and look what everybody else has got Predator

1s predator 18, 18.3 so when you finish the game you've all thrown your boots on the floor how do you know which are yours or if you're lucky enough to have a kit man how does he know whose are which boots I'm going to tell you how the pros sort them out I'm gonna tell you how you can customize all these boots so you know which are yours so one of the things you'll see a lot of players doing is having their name or a logo or name a number on the boots a lot of players will just have their initials, I might have IE9 Blake might go with BG12 all that kind of stuff just different things on your boots that you want to do to customize that your yours and one of the ways of doing that is with a stitching machine so there's the original way of customizing boots is you get this machine and it would lock onto the boots and it would start stitching all the words onto it just like you see like the stitching on a football shirt it would stitch directly onto the boots The trouble with boots is they're quite thick so it would have a little bit of difficulty especially with dynamic fit collars and things like that I'm actually getting in and doing the stitching right on the boots so things have changed a little bit and they don't use the stitching machines as much nowadays it's a bit like football shirts some shirts that don't stitch the crest anymore they just do a transfer because it's cheaper and supposedly it's lighter and more performance but really it's about the brands saving money and this is about doing transfers on boots cheaper as well and I've got a really good way that you guys can do a little boot hack of your own version without having to get them in the shops or from website as you can see from this boot we've got our own personalisation on it football boots.going all the way across the boot there and that's been whacked on with those transfers as I said if you're a big-name play either likes to cr7 then you don't need any this boot customisation anymore they've just got their name and logo put on the boots same as Neymar he gets his own personal boots so the likes of Pogba he's got his face on the boot at little Twitter icon that he had before but other players like Ozil has his own logo maybe you've got your own logo you want to transfer onto some boots Dybala when he had his no boot contract he was doing all sorts of stuff with his boots, his black out super flies with his logo on it now he's moved on and he's got his adidas contract that's only recently come through but he did some great boot personalisation so maybe you want to add your own logo to boots and I'm going to show you how to do that there's a few different ways of doing it and we're gonna go through those what we're gonna do is I need something about that big I'm gonna go and the good news with boot customisation is you've all got some of this at home when you buy your boots so because we're doing a bit of detail I'm actually gonna switch to this smaller blade you definitely wanna make sure your blade is sharp now I'm gonna leave the middle of the A because I'm gonna have to stick that on with some tape later that's come out really well again I'm definitely recommending shoe box for your cardboard choice [Music] all right so there you got the I and the A I'm gonna need a little bit of tape in the middle of there I'm gonna do the N and then we're gonna try spraying this onto the boots and I reckon we'll go onto the side of here in the Red what do you think all right so if you are playing for an academy or something like that then you might find that the kit man does this himself and if you want to know which of your boots are yours a real subtle way of doing it is instead of putting your name and logo on the boot on the upper is actually to add it onto the sole plate now it's difficult with these kind of darker ones, you can find little bits here so maybe here you could write on your lettering and we'll do that later in the video on some other boots but you can see like how's a kit man when he looks at these three pairs of boots know whose is whose apart from the slight difference in the damage and colouring three different boots he turns them over he wants to know whose is whose he's gonna write your initials and your squad number even just your squad number on the boots so he knows whose they are and then when he hangs them up in the boot room you're gonna go in the right place for you.

Now to customise them, so bunch of sharpies in my hand here it really depends on what colour your soleplate is as to what colour you're gonna go with the black is gonna work on a red sole plate but I was considering doing these vapors that we've got here you'll see throughout this course this video that I'm using boots that we've done other things too before so I'm not really wasting boots by putting these custom on they've already been used for a variety of other things make sure you check out our other hacks videos there's going to be a playlist at the in this video and you can watch those, this one is all about IDing your boots personalising them like a pro and one of those things that pros do is have their squad number on the bottom of their boots so the kit man can work out whose is whose and you might want to do it just so you know which are yours.

So these are your boots Blake what's squad number would you put on them, twelve, alright so there's a couple of options is you're going to use a bit of tape to put a line on it so you know you're gonna do it straight although the nice thing with these is they've got little lines on them for us already so I'm gonna use some cover those lines and we'll just put a nice big 12 I've got a fine tip here there's also like a fat tip as well you could use and it just really depends I might start with a fine and then go over it in the fat after I think it's might even be ultrafine bigger bit more one more maybe and this isn't gonna last forever but it is gonna last for quite a while and you can just top it up when you need to happy with that yeah looks really decent all right so there's the twelve on the boots Blake has those in the change room floor he knows they are his when he picks them up although you might recognize them with pink laces, there you go boom you know they're yours so you could put your phone number if you want it to [Music] So there's my straight line to follow but if you want to make sure they're the right height then you want to put another straight line here as well so you know you're not going to make it like ridiculous, okay so now you can see like the area of the boot that I'm looking to work in and I'm not going to make it too high or too low customisation for this one any things which I put on there in particular maybe we should custom this for Tom like it's actually taken to it not too bad alright so they see how I'm using my lines to make sure I've gotten this same height [Music] So guys there's a poll card up there right now top right hand corner if you want to vote and tell me which you actually prefer about putting on the dynamic fit or actually straight onto the Nikeskin I'm shocked but I actually finally got a lot harder to do it on the Nikeskin than on the dynamic fit I thought it would have been the other way around and you can add a squad number too so what's Tom say 5 or 3 let's go 3 I think that's come out a lot better just doing a straight off with this okay and you've got all this flat area to do don't do it in here because you're gonna get all the bubbles and stuff but like you can even put it like down here like a lot of players would do it on the back here potentially I could even do this one dark blue so let's imagine these were my boots and this is a really good area to put it as well because it's just not no contact yeah yeah so maybe I'll do what I have on the back of mine a bit more subtle on the same colour right yeah it's a nice thing I mean if you think about maybe those Beckham ones that came out recently the 23 that's kind of that putting that name and number at the back or at least a number and that's other thing is like I've got like Ebbs 9 there but you actually might decide especially you got a two-digit number all you want to do it nice and big is like imagine if I was Beckham 23 which we go with the red and here it sounds like it looks like like so imagine the edges in the middle and then I could have done a much bigger kind of like squad number there how's that looking? I prefer on the back so we drop another poll card in the video guys so if you were going to put it well it's kind of there's a couple of questions to answer here one would be would you put it like on the side here or would you put it on the back and then the other question would be is do you like it underneath or do you like it on top so you probably should drop some comments below let us know which you prefer but the poll card I'll ask you is: would you put your customisation here on the side of the boot or would you put it here on the heel? Vote in the poll code now top right corner go for it let us know you think.

A couple more customisations to do so let's crack on with those and we'll move on to the next thing another place that is quite common for players to do it is on the tongue it stands out quite well I've got my pink pen already in with this boot I figured that the pink would tie in nicely with the laces so part of the tongue is is hidden on these Vapors it's kind of the all-in-one tongue but you can do on any boot with a tongue I'm just gonna take the laces out on this top bit, we've got a couple of spots what we can do it so let's do your LW over here for you right and that could just be your initials [Music] and that's the thing this video it doesn't have to be this massive kind of personalisation it's got a huge name right across the boots can do if you want to but you can make it really subtle so just little things like that so you know they're your boots you know so the other thing we could do here is a little bit more like you could do your 12 that stands out quite nice you know and so imagine that could have been BG Blake Grice you know BG 12 sounds out really nice absolutely subtle it's not gonna get any real kind of contact in the game and that's gonna last a long time on your boots like that so now this what you can do it is across the middle here so it will be seen a little bit more and again you could put your phone number across there if you want it to, nobody is going to nick your boots if you've written your phone number across there and it really doesn't matter but what you could also do is just put your name so there we go this is like ultimate set for you alright alright so we're going to move on to looking at the tattoo aspect and how you can customize boots with that [Music] and they've got these are these are leather boots and that's the trouble we are not doing leather boots so they definitely stick to the leather but these are like covered in tattoos so it definitely works on a leather boots these are some premiers well obviously trying to do it for like customs it's just like one little logo for your own boots alright so we're going with Blake's idea which is to dip this, I'm gonna peel the backing off first okay so I'm putting this in the water for 30 seconds I mean it's definitely gonna be wet so I gotta be careful not to touch, touch that hey all right so we're hoping that we can apply a logo like this and then maybe you could just do the letters one at a time so then maybe hold it on for 30 seconds and you know slide it off is that what you're thinking? Oh hello! how's that? It looks pretty good think that has come out really good here we go Ben without an N or maybe BE right so 30 seconds holding on [Music] you might be on to something there Blake look at that Qquality alright so I feel like we're done with tattoos I reckon we need to have a look at what these spray paint boots come out like, all right so I've got to head outside and spray my name onto here and I had a thought that actually you might be able to get away with using a sharpie to do a background on these boots and then write your logo on top so obviously like a black or a red on nothing's really gonna stand out on here at the moment but I was thinking if I taped off an area so I've decided what size I wanted it to be so maybe I started like this black line here and like it tapes really good because it's gonna give you straight lines wherever you do okay you don't have to freehand it now I've got a straight line there as well but I'm just gonna tape it because then if I go over it doesn't matter okay so now the idea is with the sharpie I'm gonna colour this in and then I'll try and put my IE9 to see how I can go over the edge there it doesn't matter we happy with that might peel it off so that's what it looks like before I peel it off yeah it's pretty good, pretty good pretty square we're going we're going with the gold very subtle I'm not sure I'm a massive fan of it we might play around with that and try and make it a bit better I think maybe the blue would pretty be the most standout colour and I think that's the problem it's just not standing out at the moment that's good but I think that's the key thing guys if you're gonna put the customisation on your boot make sure that you put it on a bit of paper first and you know exactly what it's gonna look like before you put it on, like how do you want to do your I's and your 9 is there like do you just want like that or do you want what do you want make sure you know before you put on the boot even like if you want to see what it looks like on your boots and like this is what's gonna happen in a minute it's like we're gonna do this other side of maybe the spray paint just Ian on there you can really give yourself a really good idea just put a couple of bits of tape on your boot and then purely like this is what its gonna come out looking like when I spray paint in a minute and say that you know who what your boots gonna look like make sure you're happy with the design if you want to draw like a picture draw a picture on everything then you just know what it's gonna look like by having a little practice run first.

All right so let's get the spray can and give this a whirl now there's a couple options you could use an airbrush to spray them you've seen a lot of our videos what we do like nice little customisations and designs and you can put a stencil on or draw lines on and then you could fill it in with airbrush but not everybody has an airbrush everybody has or has access to a can of spray paint and you can put a logo on I mean you might not be find tattoos with the right letters and stuff to do your name or find the logo that you want then you can definitely spray anything your like onto a pair of boots and so let's take a look at that now all right so let's just do the secret of doing the inside of the letters now so on my name here I've been able to worry about the A I'm gonna get the fine tip sharpie and this is what I'm just gonna cut out in a minute and I'll have to stick this little bit on to the boot at the point where I want it, it's only a little bit so I'm going to place they don't feel a thing and they're just for just give me an idea initially where I'm gonna I do that like that and the boot like that I still use a little bit of duct tape you need to be careful because this stuff can rip the paint off boots if you painted them or anything like that so I'm just gonna apply a little bit here and there right so now going to protect the rest of the boot use like a plastic bag or something okay what I decided to do is to put the boot into the bag so I can cover my hand and the boot and then and I take tape that closed out of the way so the important thing here is make sure you get the angle right you don't want to spray like this because I'm gonna spray under the cardboard I always want to be spraying down into the area I'm just gonna lightly coat it over time there's pretty light quick coat I'll let that dry and we'll have a look to see how it comes out.

Right so it's time to get this out of the bag let's take a little look I'm just going to kind of cut my way [Music] [Music] there it is you can see that little bit of under spray that came through is all about those angles but tighter you get the cardboard on to there the better one thing you guys can't see the moment is taking off the middle of the A I'll use my little Sharpie now I give it a go now [Music] if you do want to get them from a website you can go to the likes of Lovell Soccer you can get 10% off there with the code BLACKORANGE and they offer free boot personalisation with your name and you can also add on a flag if you want to which is a nice little detail.

OK guys so let me know which your favorite is in this last poll card top right hand corner have a vote is it the spray paint do you prefer just using the sharpie and writing on the boots doing that number that kind of subtle customisation like that all those kind of differences did you prefer the tattoos and those applications like that or would you really just prefer to get a pair of boots brand new and come with the customisation already. So vote in the poll card now, I hope you enjoyed this video if you've got suggestions for future videos drop them in the comments below for anything else to tell me about this video make sure you drop that in the comment below as well if you'd like this video then definitely make sure you hit that like button if you didn't like it if you think was terrible then push that dislike button doesn't matter to me just tell me what you think and yeah thanks for watching go Enjoy Your Football!

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