Why is Rugby Union the Greatest Game?

Why is Rugby Union the Greatest Game?

Rugby Union is played under the World Rugby, ARU and RugbyWA Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations.

Rugby Union welcomes a number of social as well as psychological ideas such as guts, commitment, sportsmanship, technique and also team effort. The purpose is to guarantee that Rugby preserves its distinct personality both on as well as off the area.

Rugby owes much of its interest the reality that it is played both to the letter and also within the Spirit of the Regulations. The responsibility for guaranteeing that this takes place lies not with one person-- it includes trainers, captains, players, administration, supporters and also referees.

Honesty is central to the material of the game and also is generated via sincerity & justice.

Rugby individuals have a passionate interest for the game. Rugby creates excitement, psychological attachment and also a sense of belonging to the worldwide Rugby family members.

Rugby provides a unifying spirit that brings about life-long friendships, friendship, synergy and also loyalty which goes beyond cultural, geographical, political as well as religious distinctions.

Discipline is an essential part of the Game, both on and off the field, and is reflected through adherence to the Regulations, the Regulations and Rugby's core values.

Regard for group friends, challengers, suit authorities as well as those included in the  game is critical.
Referees and also Assistant Referees decisions are last as well as should be respected by gamers, trainers, managers and also fans.

Rugby is valued as a sport for males and females, kids as well as women. It constructs team effort, understanding, co-operation and respect for fellow athletes.

The keystones within the game of rugby union are, as they constantly have actually been:
- The pleasure of taking part; the guts as well as ability which the Game needs;
- The love of a team Sport that improves the lives of all included; as well as
- The long-lasting friendships built via a shared interest in the Video game.

It is as a result of, not despite, Rugby's extremely physical and athletic features that such terrific camaraderie exists prior to and after suits. The lengthy standing practice of players from contending teams delighting in each other's business far from the
pitch and in a social context, remains at the very core of the Video game of rugby union.

Rugby is rightly happy with its capability to retain high criteria of gamesmanship, moral behaviour and fair play.

For Rugby in Perth the nearest to me in Perth is Southern Lions Rugby Club South of the Perth Metro at Cockburn , playing on the Success sports ground

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